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Barbados Immigration Information - Work Permit


The Barbados Immigration Act allows non-citizens, permanent residents or immigrants to work on the island only if they have been granted a work permit which is usually processed in about six to eight weeks.

Certain CARICOM (Caribbean countries) nationals can live and work in Barbados without a work permit. There are no statutory restrictions on the number of foreign employees on the payroll of a company at any time, but employers are required to establish that the position in question cannot be filled satisfactorily by a resident or national of Barbados.

Foreign workers contribute to and are entitled to social security benefits on the same basis as Barbadian nationals.

Long Term Work Permit

A long-term work permit is valid for up to three years. The following information must be submitted:

• C-1, C-2 Application forms duly completed (in duplicate);
• medical form completed by a medical practitioner;
• four photographs (passport size);
• application fee of BD$100;
• two character references on the applicant;
• a Police Certificate of Character (PCC) from the applicant’s place of residence or a Sworn Affidavit in lieu of (PCC);
• documentary evidence of applicant’s qualifications (notarised copies acceptable);
• a cover letter setting out the nature of the business in which the applicant will be engaged.

In the case where the applicant is hoping to set up a business here:

• clear evidence of the quantum of his/her investment must be produced (e.g. Bank Transfer Statements);
• copy of the Certificate of Registration/incorporation of the company should also be produced along with a copy of the appropriate licence.

Note: In the case where the applicant was previously employed on a Work Permit, an Income Tax clearance Certificate is necessary.

The cost per approval is approximately BD$3,600 -$4,000 or ($1,800 -$2,000).

Short Term Work Permits

These are valid for up to six months and are necessary for company personnel entering the country to assist with the setting up of the operation and training employees. The Immigration Department’s form C-3 must be completed by the employer on behalf of the employee.

An application must be submitted to the Immigration Department along with:

• four photographs of the perspective employee;
• a fee of BD$100 ($50);
• a police record from Barbados if residing here longer than six months;
• a police record from the applicant’s homeland;
• a cover letter from potential employer.
• Approval will cost approximately BD$600 ($300).





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