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Pets to Bring into Barbados

Barbados is rabies free, and the authorities are determined to keep it so. Most families purchase animals locally. Some pure bred animals are sold locally, but they are expensive. Dogs and cats can generally be imported into Barbados only from the UK.

If you want to import a dog or cat, strict quarantine regulations require that the animal be quarantined for six months in the UK. You must then apply for an import permit from the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture at least 30 days in advance of the pet’s arrival date.

Importation from another rabies-free country is not always permitted, but the cost savings make it worth taking the steps to apply for an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture well in advance of your arrival. The UK Ministry of Agriculture will supply a list of recommended kennels for quarantine upon request.

If you want to import other animals, you must obtain an import permit from the Barbados Ministry of Agriculture before shipping the animal. There are excellent veterinarians on the island who offer boarding facilities.





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